undertakes civil cases, commercial cases, social insurance claims and labor claims.

We have experience in business cases brought against or from our clients, here are some examples for cases that were achieved by our office:

  • Our client had bought a piece of land from the General Authority for Rehabilitation Projects and Agricultural Development of an area of 99 acres which had raised an administrative distrait against the client’s properties in banks which was around 10 million pounds under the pretext of violating the terms of the 7% buildings, we had filed a lawsuit invalidity towards that as the client was not informed with the distrait record.
  • One of our Foreign investors in Sadat City Menofia working in the field of glass products manufacturing, due to his lack of expertise in Egyptian laws he had built his factory before getting approvals including the approval of the Ministry of Environment so a complaint was logged against our company and had been referred to the public prosecution for the issuance of a fine ranging from an amount not less than fifty thousand pounds and not more than one million Egyptian pounds ) and in accordance with the provisions of Article 84 of law 4 of 1994, as amended by law No. 9 of 2009 concerning the protection of the environment, we expressed requests, defenses and our adherence to the preclusion crime physically and morally and made it clear to the Court that we should be provided the environmental approval before the operation of the plant not before building it. A writ was served by a suspended fine for the company with 1000 Egyptian pounds , obtained rest of the approvals and the extraction operation of the plant license.
  • One of the big Dutch companies and considered to be one of the largest agricultural companies in the world in selling agricultural seeds had some problems with the farmers so we applied on them the company’s rights by editing the minutes against them and collecting the bad debts.
  • Our client is considered one of the largest companies for land reclamation and development of agricultural lands, has a piece of land on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road where a decision was made by the minister of electricity to establish electrical connections towers to open the antenna line circuit and seizing any state land located in the path of this line, including our client’s land. We sued the State Council to cancel this administrative decision issued by the minister of electricity to seize the land forcibly within the absence of the reason for the issuance of the contested decision and absence of resolution of the statement landowner names for building the two towers. This had an impact on our negotiations with the Ministry of Electricity and got our client the maximum amount of compensation which was not gotten by any other landowners